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Organic, Sustainable Cuisine and Uniquely Crafted Cocktails in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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Perfecting Every Course

Choose Five O Four Kitchen for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus featuring unmissable dishes made from scratch, directly in-house that ooze delightful flavors from all around the world. Our menu consists of a host of staple dishes alongside rotating seasonal selections of pioneering and distinctive creations. We closely collaborate with local farmers and brewers to maintain the economic health of our treasured local producers and work with a leading local Chicago coffee roaster, Passion House Coffee.

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About 504

We are an award winning chef creation of traditional and innovative organic ingredient dishes, Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner menus made from scratch, in-house, specializing in flavors from around the world. Our menu features staple dishes options along side rotating seasonal selections of innovative creations. We offer a local Chicago coffee roaster, Passion House Coffee. We work with local farmers and brewers to secure the economical health of our local producers.We are looking forward to offering our guests the very best experience a meal can provide.

your second home for warm, organic, and delicious cuisine.

Organic and Sustainable

We are a top source of organic, sustainable dishes and work closely alongside some of the best ingredient suppliers in the region. Our customer network consists of people from all walks of life who love to dine on amazing food, sip delightful drinks and receive brilliant customer service from culinary experts who always go the extra mile to make them feel at home. We offer a highly eclectic menu that’s inspired by influences and recipes from around the world. Choose Five O Four whenever you’re looking for a true American cuisine bistro in Illinois.

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