Food Menu



Seasonal berries, house whipped cream, house granola, 504 maple syrup 14.00

Seasonal berries, 504 maple syrup, sugar dust 14.00



Three pork sausage, bacon, ham, fresh herb potatoes, roasted tomatoes, two eggs your way, two pancakes 19.00

Three pork sausage, applewood bacon, roasted tomatoes, marinated mushroom, pinto beans, two eggs your way 20.00

Chorizo, carnitas, pinto beans, pico de gallo, queso fresco, guacamole, corn tortillas, two eggs your way 21.00


Served with fresh herb potatoes and your choice of white, wheat or multigrain bread

Oreganata chicken, kalamata olives, tomatoes, spinach, feta cheese 15.00

Turkey, brussels sprouts, onion, tomato, avocado 16.00

Sausage, mozzarella cheese, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms 16.00

Ham, onion, peppadew peppers, cheddar cheese 15.00

Choice of your four ingredients (additional ingredients extra cost) 15.00

Vegetables: $1
• Kalamata olives • Spinach • Bell pepper • Mushroom • Onion • Brussels sprouts • Tomatoes • Jalapenos

Protein: $2
• Chicken • Turkey • Pork sausage • Chorizo • Carnitas

Cheese: $1
• American • Cheddar • Mozzarella • Feta • Queso fresco


Served with fresh herb potatoes, two eggs your way, and your choice of wheat, white or multigrain bread

Pork sausage, chorizo, pork belly, pickled onion, bell peppers, chipotle aioli 18.00

Brussels sprouts, roasted tomatoes, spinach, marinated mushrooms, onions, avocado 15.00

Caramelized onion, marinated mushroom, roasted tomatoes, bordelaise sauce 28.00


Poke Bowls $20.00

Fresh mango, cucumber, avocado, red onion, edamame beans, green onions, white rice, crispy wanton strips, nori, sesame seeds

Smoked salmon, grilled chicken, fresh raw tuna

Teriyaki or sweet sesame soy sauce


Romaine hearts, parmigiana reggiano cheese, crostini, house tossed in Caesar dressing 13.00

Beefsteak tomatoes, red onion, black olives, green olives, cucumber, feta cheese tossed in a greek dressing 13.00

Kids Breakfast/Lunch Menu $9.99

Available for kids up to 12 years old. Includes:

Choice of Drink:

Juice, milk, or soda
Add up charge for fresh OJ and lemonade for $2

Choice of Sides:

• French fries • House-Made chips • Fruit cup

Greek yogurt, seasonal berries, house granola, honey 11.00


Choice of side French fries or chips

Lettuce, tomatoes, and bacon served on multigrain bread with chipotle aioli 14.00

Beef patty, fried eggs, avocado, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, crispy onion on brioche bun 20.00


Choice of side-french fries, or house-made chips


Avocado $4
Bacon (2) $4
Bagel $4
Biscuits (2) $5
Pinto Beans $4
Eggs (2) Your Way $5
Fresh Herb Potatoes $6
Fries $5
Guacamole $6
House Made Chips $5
Pancakes (2) $6
Roasted Veggies $6
Sausage(3) $8
Seasonal Berries $6
Seasonal Fruit Cup $5
Side Salad $6
Toast (2) $3
Waffles (1) $6




Two Tetelas Stuffed With Oaxacan Cheese & Seasonal Mushrooms, Pickled Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Avocado Mousse, Cilantro Crema, Creamy Alubia Beans Puréed (Mexican/American) GF 14.00

Octopus Tostada

Two Guatemalan Style Octopus Ceviche, Fresh Avocado, Cilantro (Spanish/Guatemalan) GF 18.00

Brussels Sprouts Crostini

Focaccia Bread, Fried Brussels Sprouts, Burrata Cheese Foam, Microgreens, Roasted Hazelnuts, House Pesto, Truffle Honey & Aged Balsamic (Italian/French) 14.00

Korean Short Ribs

Bao Buns, 24 Hours Marinated Short Ribs, Coleslaw, Morita Mayo, Avocado (Korean/Chinese) 16.00


Bluefin Tuna, Yuzu, Passion Fruit & Habanero Pepper Leche De Tigre, Pistachios, Rice Chicharron, Herb Oil (Peruvian/Japanese) GF 17.00


Tiger Shrimp, Avocado, Red Onions, Tomato, Sweet & Spicy Sauce Served With Harissa Tortilla Chips (Guatemalan/ Middle eastern) GF 19.00

Truffle Potatoe Croquettes

Jamon Iberico, truffle aioli, parmesan cheese , spicy tomatoe sauce (Guatemalan) 19.00


“Caesar Salad”

Half Grilled Romaine Lettuce, Shaved Parmesan Cheese, Garlic Croutons & Roasted Poblano Pepper Dressing (Italian/Mexican) 13.00

(Add Chicken | $5, Shrimp | $8, Wagyu Beef 4 oz | $10)

Pears & Beets

Grilled Beets, Pears Poached In Zacapa Rum & Spices, Truffle Honey, Homemade Requeson, Roasted Pecans (American/Guatemalan) GF 16.00


Rack of Lamb

Tzatziki Sauce & Herbs, Roasted carrots, Pistachio crumbs (Greek/Italian) GF 31.00

Saffron Fumet

Florida Salmon, Golden Potatoes, Chayote Squash, Carrots, Green Pickled Apples (French/Mediterranean) GF 29.00


Goat Ricotta, Huitlacoche (Corn Mushroom) & Black Truffle Sauce, Dehydrated Corn served with Focaccia Bread (Guatemalan/Middle Eastern) 22.00


8 oz Wagyu Flank Steak, Pommes Fondant, Seasonal Mushrooms, Tamarind Demi Glaze (French /American) GF 35.00

Toasted Eggplant

Balsamic Vinegar, Miso Glaze, Tomato Cous Cous, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds & Sesame Seeds (Asian/Latin American) Vegan 22.00

Pad Thai

Rice Noodles, Root Vegetables, Roasted Peanuts, Herbs (Thai) 19.00
(Add Chicken 6 | Shrimp 9)